Our Mission: Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability + YOU (EAS+Y) is a nonprofit with the mission to foster local, sustainable solutions for food resources, waste streams, and energy use in Evergreen, Colorado, and surrounding communities.

Our Vision: EAS+Y envisions a mountain community in which all beings thrive and prosper in social, environmental, and economic harmony by honoring the interconnection, interdependence, as well as inclusivity in all of nature’s healthy systems. We see all human activity integrated with nature’s balance.

Our Origins: EAS+Y began with a group of Evergreen friends and neighbors gathered around a kitchen table discussing the need for more recycling and composting opportunities in the community. Others who were passionate about expanding local and organic food availability soon joined the discussion. In time, the discussion also turned to renewable energy options, energy conservation and efficiency in our homes and buildings. The core values everybody shared included a concern for living responsibly and respectfully in our environment and a belief that it is our responsibility to “tread lightly” on earth by reducing our carbon footprints, so that others now and in the future may live well too. This group of community movers and shakers incorporated as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in 2010, and Evergreen’s Alliance for Sustainability was born.

Our Accomplishments:

  • Community-Wide Composting Pilot Program. Launched in September 2018 in partnership with EDS Waste Solutions, the pilot program will take place from November 1, 2018-February 1, 2019, with the goal of launching an official residential (and possibly commercial) community-wide composting program in 2019.
  • Community Education & Outreach. Quarterly membership meetings are open to the community feature speakers and topics of interest concerning sustainability. Volunteers and Board Members assist local Green Teams in schools (Wilmot Elementary just won the Eco Schools USA Bronze Award in 2018) in promoting Eco-conscious programming. EAS+Y maintains a Hard-to-Recycle Guide as well as other informational resources through their blog, website, and social media platforms. Film nights are open to the community featuring environmental topics of concern and interest.
  • Buffalo Park Community Garden at Wilmot Elementary School. Completed September 2016 with funding from Great Outdoors Colorado (thanks to Evergreen Parks and Recreation District as conduit for funds) and a partnership with R-1 Jefferson County School District.
  • Buchanan Park Community Garden. Completed in 2012 in partnership with Evergreen Park and Recreation District with funding from Great Outdoors Colorado.
  • Zero Waste Services for Community Events. EAS+Y assists more than 20 local nonprofits yearly in providing recycling and composting services to reduce waste from their community events.
  • Puppet Shows. Ernie the Elk and his fellow wildlife puppet cast bring a story of plastic bags in the environment to more than 400 third graders in area elementary schools every Spring, as well as local community events such as the Fairy Festival and the Jeffco Fair & Festival.
  • Bring-Your-Own-Bag Campaign. Signage and reusable bag give-aways outside local grocery and big box stores to encourage a change in habits and a reduction in the number of plastic bags used.
  • Biggest Loser Energy Efficiency Contest. With a grant from the Governor’s energy Office in 2009, EAS+Y conducted a contest among residents and businesses to reduce the energy used in our buildings.