GoFarm Food Share to Support Local Farmers, Reduce Food Packaging, and Reduce Your Food Miles!

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If you haven’t heard of them yet, now is the time to get in the know!

Did you know that the average piece of food travels 1,500 miles to go from farm to plate? We learned that from GoFarm! By getting food from them instead of the grocery store, your reducing your average food miles to about 50.

GoFarm is an innovative nonprofit with a mission to increase the supply of and access to affordable, fresh, healthy, local food in Colorado. Who are they hoping to reach by expanding into Evergreen? People just like YOU!

Gofarm runs three main programs (Farmer Assistance, Community Access, and Local Food Share) that work together to strengthen our local food system and build healthier communities.

The Farmer Assistance program mentors and supports beginning farmers and helps builds up local, sustainable agriculture.

The Community Access program helps make healthy, local food more affordable and accessible to under resourced families, increasing food equity and food security in communities.

The Local Food Share is where GoFarm connects the community with where their food comes from. Through this program, anyone can sign up for 20 weeks of fresh, local food, and GoFarm sources from local farmers to aggregate and distribute the food to you each week.

GoFarm’s Local Food Share currently operates in Golden, Arvada, and now, Evergreen! They are focused on providing high quality food and educating people on the benefits of local, seasonal eating.

GoFarm provides recipes and information about all their farmers throughout the summer, and you’ll know exactly which food items come from which farms. They are dedicated to sustainability – they have reduced their use of plastic to almost nothing, they accept food scraps at distribution if anyone wants to bring their “future compost” to them to compost, and they only supply from farmers who use organic and sustainable farming practices and that are local to the state of Colorado.

We are so excited to have GoFarm in Evergreen this year! They will be at Evergreen Middle School, from 3:30 – 6pm every Thursday from June 13th – October 24th. You can sign up for vegetable shares, fruit shares, eggs, mushrooms, and bread, and choose to pick up either weekly or every other week. The Local Food Share is easy and convenient, but is also a great way to support your local farmers and your community.

Click here to learn more and sign up! 


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