If your organization is interested in making your next event more earth-friendly by minimizing landfill waste, EAS+Y volunteer mentors are here to help you. Whether the event is small or large, an EAS+Y Zero Waste Mentor can guide you through the steps to achieving a successful Zero Waste Event.

EAS+Y’s Zero Waste program strives to reduce the nonrenewable waste generated by the many community events held in the Evergreen area. In 2016, EAS+Y empowered more than 20 local nonprofits by offering recycling and composting opportunities at their community events. Happenings ranging from Team Evergreen’s Triple Bypass to Evergreen Chorale’s Swing into Spring fundraiser successfully diverted as much as 95% of their waste from the landfill. EAS+Y believes these organizations demonstrate a deeper responsibility to the community, over and above their specific missions, by easing their impact on the environment. All waste that can be composted returns to the earth, and all waste diverted from the landfill reduces methane production (a contributor to climate change), and conserves resources.

Zero Waste Activities include:

  • Reducing packaging
  • Reusing materials
  • Composting
  • Recycling
  • Increasing public awareness

Get started early in the planning stages of your event. Review the EAS+Y Zero Waste Event Guidelines and other reference materials listed below, or simply contact EAS+Y to have a mentor walk you through the process. We can advise you, provide signage for your waste stations, and provide composting bins and hauling.

Become a Zero Waste champion at your next event! Your efforts will pay off in multiple ways. You will reduce waste, become an environmental leader, promote a positive image, increase loyalty among supporters, build community, and be a role model for other organizations.

For more information on Zero Waste Events, please e-mail EASY2sustain@gmail.com or call 720-536-0069.

More Zero Waste Event Resources:

We appreciate the following local organizations for their participation in offering Zero Waste events in 2017: