What is “Zero Waste”?

The goal of zero waste is to eliminate trash or anything that could be considered “waste.” By following the 6 rs (and more!) – refusing, reducing, rethinking, recycling, repairing, reusing, and rot – we can hopefully eliminate the idea of “waste” altogether. Zero waste actions is one of the fastest and cheapest way to reduce our carbon footprint today.

Zero Waste Programs and Services

At EAS+Y, we want to support your on your zero waste journey! We offer:

  • Free Consultation via email or phone for planning your zero waste event or lifestyle change
  • Zero Waste Hero Services to make your event zero waste
  • Zero Waste Refill Pop-up Shops to skip buying a container and refill on common household cleaning and hygiene products
  • Zero Waste Reusable Serviceware Rentals for members, local nonprofits, and schools
  • Trash Talkers to discuss zero waste topics with your local community group or organization (donations appreciated)
  • Commmunity Composting Drop-Off Program for those wishing to compost without dealing with wildlife, brown/green ratios, and the ability to compost ALL food scraps (including meat, cheese, bones, bread, etc). Participants receive FREE COMPOST in May each year

Learn more details and pricing for each program and service here.  If you have additional questions or would like to make arrangements for one of our services, please e-mail easy2sustain@gmail.com or call 720-536-0069.

More Zero Waste Resources

We applaud the following local organizations for offering Zero Waste events in 2018!