Recycling is one of the most effective activities you can practice to promote sustainability.  You may be surprised by how many items can be recycled and even more surprised to find out how easy it can be!  Start by either arranging for curbside recycling or dropping off your recyclable items at a local center. Got stuff your curbside recycling service won’t take? Click here to find out where to recycle it on our Guide to Hard-to-Recycle Stuff.

Did you know?

Colorado has one of the lowest recycling rates in the nation. Check out this terrific short video about recycling in Colorado and how Recycle Colorado can help.


  • Recycling saves our natural resources and reduces pollution.
  • Single stream recycling allows you to co-mingle all of your recyclables into one container.
  • The numbers on plastics actually tell you what it is made from and provide information about how that plastic can be recycled.  Click here to learn more about the numbers.  OR Click here just to learn more about Plastic Recycling in general.
  • Real Christmas trees are green.  Many people believe that “fake” trees are better for the environment because they last more than one season.  But that is a MYTH.