We Make Composting in the Mountains EAS+Y! Join Us!

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Yay! In less than year we’ve increased participation and can officially move our Community Composting Program in partnership with EDS Waste Solutions from the pilot phase to a permanent program.

Why Compost?

Composting keeps organic waste out of landfills where it decomposes and contributes to methane levels in the atmosphere, a potent greenhouse gas and major contributor to climate change. Composting also helps make fertile, nutrient-rich soil, incredibly important for growing nutritious food. Eco-Cycle in Boulder outlines the many ways in which Zero Waste is one of the fastest and most affordable climate solutions. Read more here.

Which Businesses are Composting in Evergreen? I’d Like to Show My Support!

Cactus Jacks Saloon is our founding commercial composting subscriber who helped get the program off the ground along with about 30 residential subscribers. Cactus Jacks has been composting with vermiculture for a number of years prior to our drop-off program. Kudos Cactus Jacks! Vivian’s Gourmet joined quickly thereafter, along with The Bagelry and Highland Haven Creekside Inn. Clear Creek County Middle and High School also utilized our program last year as well as Lookout Mountain Preschool thanks to the generous sponsorship of Scraps to Soil in Idaho springs and dedicated parents. We applaud your efforts!

We also know that DaKind Soups utilizes all of their kitchen scraps by making vegetable stock virtually keeping all of their food waste out of the landfill. Muddy Buck and Starbucks at Safeway divert their coffee groups from the landfill by giving them away to local farmers and gardeners to help boost nutrients in the soil. Well done everyone!

Are you a local business or restaurant that’s also composting or going Zero Waste? We’d love to hear about it!

Program Details

  • Registered residential participants pay $12/month (down from $19) to compost up to 5 gallons of compost/week.
  • Registered commercial participants (restaurants, businesses, schools, organizations) perform a waste audit to determine their amount of compost scraps per week and pay a specific amount per volume. The rate per gallon goes down as the amount increases. They can then drop their scraps at the drop off location as many times per week as they need.
  • Participants are able to drop off ALL kitchen scraps, including meat, bones, cheese, avocado pits, onions, citrus peels, and other items not typically compostable in a backyard composter or pile (No paper, compostable plastics, or yard scraps).
  • Participants can access the bin at any time and are not limited by EDS drop-off hours.
  • Located behind King Soopers in Evergreen, the drop-off location is convenient and easy to use.
  • Participants will receive free compost in May of each year if they sign up for compost via email (email sent out to participants in the spring).

How Do I Join? 

If you are a resident (anyone is welcome, Evergreen address or not), click here to access the Residential Community Composting Program Participation Agreement. It has all of the details and instructions on how to register. If you are a business owner, click here to access the Commercial Community Composting Program Participation Agreement including the pricing schedule. Please note you’ll need to email us once you send in the form and payment so we can get you set up. 

Thank YOU for Your Support!

Thank you to all of our participants who desire to bring this sustainable and important practice to the mountains! A special shout out goes to Chris Pfaff, EAS+Y Volunteer and Zero Waste Committee Member, who planted the seed of the idea with a simple conversation, proving that is really takes all of YOU to make our community sustainable. Thanks Chris!


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