Holiday Tree & Styrofoam Recycling

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Did you know that choosing a real live tree is one of the most sustainable ways to celebrate the holidays? Real trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit fresh oxygen as they grow, and tree farms stabilize soil, protect water supplies, provide refuge for wildlife, and employ thousands of workers. If you get a permit to cut down your tree in a National Forest, you are helping mitigate wildfire danger by thinning out kindling that normally would be thinned out by naturally occurring fires. If you can recycle your tree, then the cycle is complete!

Mark your calendars for this year’s Annual Holiday Tree and Styrofoam Recycling on Saturday, January 5th and Saturday, January 12th from 9-4pm at Evergreen Lutheran Church, 5980 County Hwy 73, Evergreen, CO. We appreciate donations to recycle your real tree (no fake trees, please) and large pieces of styrofoam (no packing peanuts please). Lam Tree Service chips the trees and offers the mulch for FREE later in the month. We also need volunteers to help out! Please click here to volunteer. Come on by and spread the word!



  1. Betsy Hoke
    December 13, 2018


    I can find signup Genius to volunteer for H0liday Tree Recycling. I can work all day on the 5th, but not the 12th.



    • easyadmin
      December 14, 2018

      Thanks Betsy! Emailed you.


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